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A Riichi Mahjong Study Book (Without a Clever Name)


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A Riichi Mahjong Study Book (Without a Clever Name)

Funny anecdote about this title... Jenn chose it. Gemma didn't want to call it this at all because they surgically remove humor (humour) from British people at birth.

Jenn won the argument because Gemma fell asleep and didn't answer her phone (a distressingly familiar situation for Jenn) and it was a good thing, too, because it seems to make people chuckle.

However, the contents are good! Jenn and Garthe write their reasons for discarding tiles in certain situations and it has a few pages of the regular drills JPML force upon their greener cohorts.

(Top tip: If you ask nicely and maybe tweet Jenn @mahjongjen, she may send you a signed copy)

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