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Master Mahjong


Regular price ¥3,000
Master Mahjong

Gemma is writing this description without Jenn's oversight so enjoy it before Jenn notices and takes it down...

These are REALLY bad. I mean objectively bad. Not just Gemma-is-a-snobbish-British-person bad. We bought a box of them because we thought they looked good from the pictures. I mean, they do look good, right? They're literally called "MASTER" - One of the worst misselling scandals ever. 

Now I don't know if IKEA was involved in their design, but straight out of the box you actually have to assemble them. The backs and fronts of each tile have to be pushed together. You realize how many tiles mahjong has.

And they are hollow and they bounce and the points sticks are made of cardboard. They're just the worst.

I look at them on the shelf and shudder sometimes at this massive inventory mistake.

Like we have some 4000 yen priced sets and you should just get one of those. They're so much better. I have faith that YOU deserve more than this set. Don't get it.

(Postscript: Unless you're an etsy seller. These would be really good to make into some collage or a skirt or scarf or whatever people buy these days. They're just not good for...mahjong...)

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