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Pro "Take" Mahjong Sets


Regular price ¥5,500
Pro "Take" Mahjong Sets

The standard set for many. These tiles have been used in both the European Riichi Championship 2016 and the World Riichi Championship 2017, so you're not going to go wrong making this your go-to set.

These tiles are durable and meet all common standards. You're not going to be wowing your friends but you certainly won't be getting complaints (which, let's face it, is all that most of us can hope for!).

These are regular size for Japanese riichi mahjong. It includes four red 5s, a full set of tembo (point's sticks), four dice, and a wind indicator.

We do suggest you use a mat or some kind of covering for your table, and shamelessly recommend the Junk Mat also available from us. These tiles don't chip easily but treated well and these will keep you going for years. 

*Please note that the case may differ from that shown in the image, and is not within our control (as most things in our lives).

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